Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friendship or ?? -- Part 2

3rd and 4th semester (2nd year) passed. We met only for study purposes. I also went his house once on his birthday with my seniors and enjoyed. Nothing special happened there.
We used to meet at lunch time and many times took lunch together. Sometimes his classmate of civil used to come our department and most of the times it was Sneha. That time I was so dumb that I didn’t understand anything. I used to think that they are his friend so they come to accompany him. (But that was not the reason. I will tell u this reason later).
Special things happened when I went Chandighar for 40 days training. Actually some of my seniors applied there and got selected but 2 of them didn’t want to go. So Bhoomika mam suggested me that “Tamanna call there and talk to them. May be they can allow you for this training. Aniket is also applying.” I was so fascinated and excited because I always wanted to enjoy and never got that chance with my classmates. Bhoomika mam always used to tell me about her group and the masti they did together. So I thought if I will be there with their group I m surely going to enjoy. I applied there and fortunately me and Aniket both got selected for that training program.
But now a problem arouse that the training was starting from 20th and our exams were being over on 22nd. Our senior’s exam completed on 20th. So they left on 20th itself. And me and Aniket on 22nd. It was my 1st journey alone with a boy and I was a little bit nervous.
Aniket was such a person who never did his work on time even on the day of final exams he most of the times used to come late and for this thing I always disliked him. Many times he promised me that he is coming home and I kept on waiting for him leaving my other works and he didn’t come and he didn’t even inform me that he won’t be coming. That made me so angry and he never said sorry for his this behavior.
So finally we reached Chandighar. Bhoomika mam and Rohit Sir come to pick us from station and the day I reached the pranks of my seniors started.
Actually we stayed at a guest house where girls and boys were living together but in different rooms. We were total of 11(6 girls and 5 boys). We (girls) got a room but boys got dormitory to live in. so they kept their luggage in our room. But we restricted them to enter in our room. So whenever Aniket used to come my seniors used to make fun of me by saying “Tamanna give him his luggage. He is your responsibility.” This was the 1st incident where they attached my name with his name. After some days they even called us husband and wife and you can’t even imagine how I used to feel that time because all such type of jokes was very big for me.
After some days we (girls) shifted to another hostel. We used to come there for lunch and dinner. Once I went (in afternoon) to boys room to take something. I knocked and Aniket opened door and he was just in half pant. No cloth on upper half part means any t-shirt. Seeing him like this I was so ashamed that I returned back with out taking any thing. For this incident my seniors made so much fun of me.
So I just kept on getting such funny comments. So many relations with Aniket and I used to just blush and smile but spoke nothing. What could I have said??
But one day Aniket crossed the limit. We all were in tempo and was going some where. (Aniket used to call Bhoomika mam his Tech mother). Bhoomika man said some thing related to me and Aniket and Aniket replied “I have no problem. We (he and me) will have a child every 9th month, u have to take care of them. (mujhe koi pareshani nahi hai, hm to har 9 mahine me ek paida karke aapko de denge , sambhalna to aapko padhega.) “
Oh my God! What he said. I laughed a little and what to say didn’t know.
Aniket said “See! How she is laughing. She is supporting me.” After listening this I felt like I m buried in earth. (sharm se jameen me gadh gayi). I laughed that didn’t mean that I supported him. He said that thing in such a way that everyone was laughing and I even I was not able to control my self. But when he said that I didn’t talk him for some time.
So many such consequences took place there in 40 days. I enjoyed and some time their funny jokes were so irritating that my mind got spoiled. But over all I got to know them more and Aniket became a little closer friend of mine. (Still I didn’t like his coming late behavior).

(Now I want to ask what my mistake was??? I did friendship with him?? I thought of him more than as a friend?? Was it because of me?? Or I wanted to do so?? They made me feel like that for him?? Their stupid pranks, those relations that they made with him?? )

Friendshipr or ?? -- Part 1

After internal counseling so many students changed their branches. One of them was Aniket. Who opted biotech from Civil He was one of the person in my college life who changed me to what I m today. I thank him for that but still don’t think him as my good friend because whatever he did with me, still it is not possible for me to figure it out that it was right or wrong? He used me (that is what I feel. What you are going to think after this full episode I don’t know. But will be glad to know) or it was just a friendship.

So starting from very 1st meeting which I remember. Actually in my class I was the only one who had good relations with our seniors and one of them was Bhoomika mam. She was so sweet and I used to go her room to clarify my doubts and to enjoy with her. Rohit sir was classmate (branch mate) of Bhoomika mam and my senior too. But he was the classmate of Aniket till 12th. Aniket took drop of 1 yr and Rohit sir didn’t. So Aniket was familiar with all seniors.
As I told I was not very open minded girl at that time and even didn’t enjoy my school life up to that extent. So I was very fascinated towards the activities of Bhoomika mam, Rohit sir and group (there were 9-10 members in this group).
So here comes my 1st meeting with Aniket. He asked me to come on the roof of our biotech building and when I arrived 2 of my seniors were also present there and the comment I got was “hey Tamanna! Itni der laga di aane me. Bichara Aniket tumhare intzaar me pagal hua jaa raha tha.”
I was shocked because I didn’t expect such comment from them.
Aniket used to attend very few classes and always asked me for notes. He also used to come my home for notes and that’s why he became my friend.
(There is nothing special here in this part. But it is important to understand the next part.)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Dec. 04 (Dilemma)

Time of internal counseling.. It was for vacant seats in different branches and for the students who were willing to change their stream with in the college.
Some of my classmates got the opportunity because they were from some categories.
One of them changed his branch from Chemical to IT. (Oh! I forgot to tell that I was an engineering student from Biotech stream and in 1st year Biotech and Chemical streams used to attend classes together.). So Vivek changed his branch from Chemical to IT.
Sanjana and I went to congratulate him. Sanjana shaked hand with Vivek and congratulated him and I??? Oh! I was just standing and thinking should I also shake hand and congratulate him. At that point of time that was a very big thing to do. Can u imagine that in 21st century an engineering student was thinking that she should shake hand or not?? But truly speaking I thought so much before doing so. And those feeling which I felt, that sensation I can’t forget.
See how the life has changed. Now I don’t have to think before I shake hand to someone mean I even don’t note out that I did so. Gradually you will find so many changes in me. Tamanna of 2004 and Tamanna of 2008 like to different poles but still same by heart.

**hello readers.. Hope u will find these silly incidents interesting and will see that how small incidents change a person. Please feel free to give your comments and if you find any mistake in post please do mention it. Thanks…

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nov. 04

The very 1st day of college..
So many excitements.. So many fears.. Still a happiness..
A girl in white and pink color salwar suit, searching for her class.
Yes off course that was me ! Afraid of so many stories of ragging. Having fear of being caught by seniors. Still on search…. And alas! After a little hard-work I found my classroom!!!!! Room no. 105, near the stairs. Did I said hardwork?? Yes because for me the building of college was so big to find a class room. It’s another fact that now that building seems to be smallest in the world. Ha ha ha..
Finally I entered in the class. All new faces. I was in dilemma where to sit?? Then I saw a known face (oh god! Thanks..). A girl whom I met at the time of counseling. So finally got a friend and she was my 1st friend in college and she became my very good friend in my all college life and till now. Her name was Sanjana.

Nothing special happened in class. Just interacted with other classmates and attended some classes. That time i used to be so studious student because i was fresh from school ( yes off course! everyone was. but the school background have very much effect. I was from govt. girls H. S. School and they all were from English medium schools.). Class bunking was a very big task for me. But in later years how I changed you will see for sure.


Today I am going to write story of a girl. Who was very simple, sweet and caring. Who wanted to help everyone, wanted friendship of everyone. But what she got out of her behavior?? May be I won’t be able to use very good English. But hope that while describing the feelings, language will not become a barrier for me. And I also hope that u all will like her life’s story in which nothing is special but if u will see carefully everything was special. It’s just a person’s perception. Isn’t it?? And all of u will give ur precious comments on what she did in her life, her decision what was wrong and what was right??

Let me introduce u with the girl. Her name is TAMANNA. A girl of family values, of kind nature, so many dreams in eyes not of getting money or good position but of a life of satisfaction, of lots of love, of lots of friends and of lots n lots of Masti.

Now from this point, she will be telling her story herself.