Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friendshipr or ?? -- Part 1

After internal counseling so many students changed their branches. One of them was Aniket. Who opted biotech from Civil He was one of the person in my college life who changed me to what I m today. I thank him for that but still don’t think him as my good friend because whatever he did with me, still it is not possible for me to figure it out that it was right or wrong? He used me (that is what I feel. What you are going to think after this full episode I don’t know. But will be glad to know) or it was just a friendship.

So starting from very 1st meeting which I remember. Actually in my class I was the only one who had good relations with our seniors and one of them was Bhoomika mam. She was so sweet and I used to go her room to clarify my doubts and to enjoy with her. Rohit sir was classmate (branch mate) of Bhoomika mam and my senior too. But he was the classmate of Aniket till 12th. Aniket took drop of 1 yr and Rohit sir didn’t. So Aniket was familiar with all seniors.
As I told I was not very open minded girl at that time and even didn’t enjoy my school life up to that extent. So I was very fascinated towards the activities of Bhoomika mam, Rohit sir and group (there were 9-10 members in this group).
So here comes my 1st meeting with Aniket. He asked me to come on the roof of our biotech building and when I arrived 2 of my seniors were also present there and the comment I got was “hey Tamanna! Itni der laga di aane me. Bichara Aniket tumhare intzaar me pagal hua jaa raha tha.”
I was shocked because I didn’t expect such comment from them.
Aniket used to attend very few classes and always asked me for notes. He also used to come my home for notes and that’s why he became my friend.
(There is nothing special here in this part. But it is important to understand the next part.)

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