Monday, February 23, 2009

Dec. 04 (Dilemma)

Time of internal counseling.. It was for vacant seats in different branches and for the students who were willing to change their stream with in the college.
Some of my classmates got the opportunity because they were from some categories.
One of them changed his branch from Chemical to IT. (Oh! I forgot to tell that I was an engineering student from Biotech stream and in 1st year Biotech and Chemical streams used to attend classes together.). So Vivek changed his branch from Chemical to IT.
Sanjana and I went to congratulate him. Sanjana shaked hand with Vivek and congratulated him and I??? Oh! I was just standing and thinking should I also shake hand and congratulate him. At that point of time that was a very big thing to do. Can u imagine that in 21st century an engineering student was thinking that she should shake hand or not?? But truly speaking I thought so much before doing so. And those feeling which I felt, that sensation I can’t forget.
See how the life has changed. Now I don’t have to think before I shake hand to someone mean I even don’t note out that I did so. Gradually you will find so many changes in me. Tamanna of 2004 and Tamanna of 2008 like to different poles but still same by heart.

**hello readers.. Hope u will find these silly incidents interesting and will see that how small incidents change a person. Please feel free to give your comments and if you find any mistake in post please do mention it. Thanks…

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Nov. 04

The very 1st day of college..
So many excitements.. So many fears.. Still a happiness..
A girl in white and pink color salwar suit, searching for her class.
Yes off course that was me ! Afraid of so many stories of ragging. Having fear of being caught by seniors. Still on search…. And alas! After a little hard-work I found my classroom!!!!! Room no. 105, near the stairs. Did I said hardwork?? Yes because for me the building of college was so big to find a class room. It’s another fact that now that building seems to be smallest in the world. Ha ha ha..
Finally I entered in the class. All new faces. I was in dilemma where to sit?? Then I saw a known face (oh god! Thanks..). A girl whom I met at the time of counseling. So finally got a friend and she was my 1st friend in college and she became my very good friend in my all college life and till now. Her name was Sanjana.

Nothing special happened in class. Just interacted with other classmates and attended some classes. That time i used to be so studious student because i was fresh from school ( yes off course! everyone was. but the school background have very much effect. I was from govt. girls H. S. School and they all were from English medium schools.). Class bunking was a very big task for me. But in later years how I changed you will see for sure.


Today I am going to write story of a girl. Who was very simple, sweet and caring. Who wanted to help everyone, wanted friendship of everyone. But what she got out of her behavior?? May be I won’t be able to use very good English. But hope that while describing the feelings, language will not become a barrier for me. And I also hope that u all will like her life’s story in which nothing is special but if u will see carefully everything was special. It’s just a person’s perception. Isn’t it?? And all of u will give ur precious comments on what she did in her life, her decision what was wrong and what was right??

Let me introduce u with the girl. Her name is TAMANNA. A girl of family values, of kind nature, so many dreams in eyes not of getting money or good position but of a life of satisfaction, of lots of love, of lots of friends and of lots n lots of Masti.

Now from this point, she will be telling her story herself.