Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today I am going to write story of a girl. Who was very simple, sweet and caring. Who wanted to help everyone, wanted friendship of everyone. But what she got out of her behavior?? May be I won’t be able to use very good English. But hope that while describing the feelings, language will not become a barrier for me. And I also hope that u all will like her life’s story in which nothing is special but if u will see carefully everything was special. It’s just a person’s perception. Isn’t it?? And all of u will give ur precious comments on what she did in her life, her decision what was wrong and what was right??

Let me introduce u with the girl. Her name is TAMANNA. A girl of family values, of kind nature, so many dreams in eyes not of getting money or good position but of a life of satisfaction, of lots of love, of lots of friends and of lots n lots of Masti.

Now from this point, she will be telling her story herself.

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